I remember I used to write for the fun of it and because I was GOOD at it. I had finally found something to my nature and calling. It was my junior year of high school-new changes and new beginnings. The only way I could let out any sort of emotions were through my English class ( not to mention my English teacher was a total hottie!) Once I had gotten a few papers back from him, I was all about the next paper due.

Fast forward to when I was eighteen and I moved to Charlotte, NC. I was completely scared out of my mind-I was all alone. I had no job, had to wait a couple of months for school to start. I was very overwhelmed. I soon found this site and began to blog or write small stories. Without knowing, writing became my source of releasing all sorts of emotions and it became a source of recovery for me.

And then all of a sudden, I stopped. Life got in the way, people started coming and going, I moved from one place to another within a matter of years. I lost myself through all the running I had been doing. I started playing the blame game on myself and let myself go through all the guilt and pain I have been holding onto. My life is far from perfect and so am I as a human being. I slowly lost myself trying to find myself in other people which is still a habit I am trying to walk away from.

You see, what really matters is what I think about myself, not what others think of me. I have made mistakes and I have let people down, but that was only because others had high expectations I unfortunately could not meet. As I am writing this, I want this to be my little inspiration of hope to others-YOU MATTER! No matter where you come from or what people have told you and what you repetitively tell yourself, YOU FREAKING MATTER!

I Matter.

I Am Accepted.

I Am Loved.

I Am Appreciated.

I Am Worth it.

Life happens when we do and I want this little glimmer of hope to help bring some peace to your mind as it slowly reals me back in to where my acceptance first started.

Welcome to my journey.

Welcome to Acceptance.