The Mysterious Letter

By: Aubrey Glantz
Walking along the slick, wet sidewalk, Jamie held an umbrella shielding the wet splashes from the sky, as well as to hide his own rain drops. The weather was masking his misery, and was for once grateful for the dreary weather. As he reached his Cincinnati apartment, he couldn’t help but feel the weight of everything he was trying to hold in for so long slip. Fingers started to shake violently while his breathing turned into to gulping for air. He had to grip the door handle to his own door for support as his own support was starting to give away at any second.
“Jamie? Is that you?” Without thinking about it, he looked to see his neighbor, Marcy Mae. Ever since she moved in a couple of years ago, it was a nonstop game of trying to not lose control of everything he had. Poor Marcy never knew this type of effect she had on him and continued to still be the sweet and beautiful neighbor he’d so often fantasize about. As he turned to face her questioning eyes, he slipped down to the ground and fell to his own doom. Marcy raced from her spot at the end of the staircase to go and catch him.
“You know it’s not every day that I have men falling for me at the top of the hat,” Marcy chuckled. Jamie couldn’t seem to comprehend what was going on. His green door started to swirl as well Marcy’s face, yet he tried with all his might not fall into the deep slumber his body so desperately ached for. With the help of Marcy pulling him into a standing position and the black iron stair railing, he was able to slightly stand on his own. He looked behind him briefly and muttered a thank you. With that, he flew inside to his apartment and closed the door with a firm hand.
His breath started to become short deep huffs, desperately trying to hold on to the last thing he could. As he sunk to the floor in front of his door, he reached into his rain coat pocket and clutched an envelope with his name on it, but no return address. As he tried to place his surroundings in the dark, he crawled on his belly like a solider to his cluttered sofa. For the longest time, he was trying to avoid this place as much as he could. He found his matches in his wooden coffee table and lit the fire place. Hands shaking violently and gulps of breath, he looked at the letter before ripping it apart and sent it into the flames to be ridden for everything he knew and had.
For almost a year, he decided to leave his Cincinnati home and friends behind ever since the letter had been mailed to his law firm office. For a man who worked with the law, it was not uncommon for these kinds of letters to be delivered, but Jamie knew exactly who it was. The handwriting was too much of a memory he could never forget as well as the burning images that haunted him in the dark. As any man who wanted to keep his secrets hidden, he quietly shut his door to his office, crept as if he was a burglar and tried to make no sudden movement.
The letter was still griped in his hand by his side, and tears started to fall from his cheeks. As he walked his wobbly legs to his computer chair, he faced his window and looked upon the city he worked on. He looked at the travelers walking on the sidewalk and envied them for not having a care in the world. He tore at the edges and lifted the letter out of its contraption. He opened the worn piece of paper and watched as a picture flew into his lap. Carefully, he picked it up and looked as to what it could possibly be.
It was a picture of his deceased wife with their five month old child in her arms, lying asleep. Jamie was on the left hugging his wife’s shoulders and looking upon the child. The photo was taken at his parents’ house days before the incident happened. Memories flooded his head at the sight of the picture. She had been dead for 2 years and their child was nowhere to be found. For those two years, he would cry himself to sleep wondering why and who could have taken away the two things that kept him to this world. As he read the letter, his former friend from high school wrote the letter admitting to him that it was him who had decided to take his precious gifts away as a way to get back at him for taking his ex-girlfriend at the time. After that, Jamie quickly took matters into his own hands and put the monster away for good.
As the memories faded and he was brought back to present day, he crashed to his knees in front of the fire and cried till his stomach hurt and his eyes were too weak to open. Next thing he knew, there was a knock at the door. He was hoping for once it wouldn’t have been Marcy Mae. He could never forgive himself if she had to learn of his awful past as well as see him the mess he was in. The reason he decided to flee when he did was to search for his long lost son. He came back empty handed and discovered everything was gone.
He picked his stiff and achy body off the ground and walked ever so slowly to the door. He looked through the eye piece and discovered there was no one on the front stoop. He decided to leave his place and go upstairs for a shower. As he reached the bottom of the steps, a cry sent his heart racing and his eyes widened. He flew to the door and opened it as fast as he could and discovered a blonde headed toddler with blue eyes in a basket.


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