Be Greatful; Keep Trucking Along

greatful dead bear

As time goes on, the clock never seems to stand still in a single momentum. We all have to be everywhere and all around at one time these days. Yet, we never take the time to appreciate what we have and what we don’t have in that single minute of everyday.

Everyday, you hear someone is loosing a life, or the people you walk by with a can held out for extra help are pleading with you to spare at least an ounce of your money and time to help save them from destruction, or your best and close friends and co workers all seem to be bending out of shape these days and need an extra hand. If we were more observant to those around us, we might actually give a fuck about fixing this world and who all live here! Instead of trying to kill people off, why cant we give our neighbors or strangers a time of day and spare at least a single minute to give some kind of help.

You’re not only helping them out, but you can at least help yourself. Your community needs help with helping making it grow into the best it can be. Take time out of your day and clean up when you see someone make a mistake, or help the same old man or woman you see on the corner of the street everyday and ask them what they need to survive the weather. Start doing something with your life and volunteer your time to help out this world and the people you surround your time with. Make a difference to yourself and others that you give a crap about life and what you are doing. Stop turning your back on things and people that matter because one day, you are going to wish you did. We all need a wake up call about how we spend our time and single minutes. Be helpful to those around you and show yourself and others you do care what happens in the future. This world is becoming over populated, so greet them with warming arms because there could be a reason why we meet that special person. Maybe not yourself, but for their sake.


And yes, I am a hippie.


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