Be Greatful; Keep Trucking Along

greatful dead bear

As time goes on, the clock never seems to stand still in a single momentum. We all have to be everywhere and all around at one time these days. Yet, we never take the time to appreciate what we have and what we don’t have in that single minute of everyday.

Everyday, you hear someone is loosing a life, or the people you walk by with a can held out for extra help are pleading with you to spare at least an ounce of your money and time to help save them from destruction, or your best and close friends and co workers all seem to be bending out of shape these days and need an extra hand. If we were more observant to those around us, we might actually give a fuck about fixing this world and who all live here! Instead of trying to kill people off, why cant we give our neighbors or strangers a time of day and spare at least a single minute to give some kind of help.

You’re not only helping them out, but you can at least help yourself. Your community needs help with helping making it grow into the best it can be. Take time out of your day and clean up when you see someone make a mistake, or help the same old man or woman you see on the corner of the street everyday and ask them what they need to survive the weather. Start doing something with your life and volunteer your time to help out this world and the people you surround your time with. Make a difference to yourself and others that you give a crap about life and what you are doing. Stop turning your back on things and people that matter because one day, you are going to wish you did. We all need a wake up call about how we spend our time and single minutes. Be helpful to those around you and show yourself and others you do care what happens in the future. This world is becoming over populated, so greet them with warming arms because there could be a reason why we meet that special person. Maybe not yourself, but for their sake.


And yes, I am a hippie.


The Blindside

Girls, we all have those very concerned friends of ours who love to set us up on dates. No matter if the date turns out to be good or bad, you will always get blindsided with the blind dates. Now, I am no expert on dating, but when your very concern friend doesn’t tell you till the day of the date, that’s when you start to get paranoid.

At work on break, I talked with Becky about going over to her place for dinner. She told me last week that she was having a friend of hers stay for the week to visit so I thought nothing of the offer; I immediately said yes. Before leaving to head over to apartment, she hints that her friend is a guy….dun dun dunnnnn! When she told me a guy was over there, I could see her thoughts brewing as we spoke. The whole ride over, I’m anxiously passing in my head, thinking about what all I am going to do. When we arrive, I forget about the boy and see her handsome pup, Wrigley. Guys, just so you know, I am a huge dog lover and once I see a dog, I’m a goner. And Becky’s dogs are just gorgeous! She has a lab mix, who is Wrigley, and a Great Dane puppy named, Athena. And I go nuts whenever I see these dogs.

Once I stepped onto the right floor of her apartment building, I see her Boyfriend, Doug, and then a guy who looks almost like Doug, but not quite. And no, they are not brothers! The first few hours were a little awkward considering we still didn’t know that we were being matched by our best friends. It got to the point where there were embarrassing stories from college that came along and good few laughs to ease the tension. Doug slaved over dinner for us while watched back to back episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and cuddled with the dogs.

Once dinner came around, we were settled and ready to eat and have a lot more laughs with memories. I helped clean up the place and then began to cut Becky’s hair since the hairstylist who did try and cut it, cut it wrong. During the time, everyone is cutting up and carrying on with stories, I missed out on a lot while cutting her hair, but was filled in once I was home. Becky texted me that night after I left saying, “He finds you attractive.” My first thought was, “What the hell! You must be drunk,” which is what I  wrote to her. In the end, ladies, I got the guy! Unfortunately, I will not spare his name….at least not until our first date, but this will not be the last time you hear about him.

Coming back home in America

It was nice while it lasted to go and see a different country. The UK is a place that sends me calming waves. The architecture and the people themselves were helpful and inspiring. I hate to say it, but I think I have found my new home. The plane ride over of course was not one of the best part of the trip. Having your flight be delayed over six hours in Charlotte and then two hours in Newark was not what I would have expected. Sleeping on the flight over was another issue. In order to get some sleep my feet hung off the back of someone’s arm rest, while my pillow was on the side of the plane and my shoulder, and my blanket covered me from head to toe. I might have only slept for two hours that whole eight hour ride. The others, I tried to doze off…if that were possible.

When we landed in Edinburgh, I was so happy to touch the ground and see grass in a distance. While waiting for luggage, I decided to find a seat and wait for our ride, which ended up taking two hours. I ended up laying down-since there were no cell phone signals over in the UK-and passed out before our driver showed up to come pick us up.

Scotland itself was a sight to see. The people were magnificent, the food was excellent, and salty air made me truly feel like I was at home. The beer tasted like it was freshly brewed. A drink I would like to call, Snakebite, was my favorite choice of all. And of course I had to have some Guinness! I did get a little tipsy while I was having some fun a couple of nights. But in all, my favorite place would have to be Scotland.

We ended up going from Scotland to England, and then to Wales, and then to Ireland. I think by the end of my trip, I was ready to  go home! Once I made it back in the States, I of course turned my phone on and praised to the ceiling to have signal once again. I called my family and friends and could not wait to hear their voices. That night, I barely got an ounce of sleep thanks to being excited…as well as the coffee in take I had that day.