It’s that time of year again….



The flowers are blooming. The leaves are starting grow back and color. The sun is blazing hot.

And also….its time to hit the books!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to EXAM WEEK! Where you spend  waking nights to study and cram while brewing 4 pots of coffee all at once! It’s the time of year to stress and sleep as little as possible. Recent years, students are having a harder time to stay focused thanks to all of the technology we have lying around.

It’s the stressful time of year; other than tax season. You want to be where the water is while sticking your toes in the soft cold sand and soak up as much vitamin D as possible. students will VIP the Library as well as the infamous Starbucks. Where there is coffee, there is a way. Some will be sleeping and snoring, while others will fidget and try to become Einstein all in one week.Fun and games are no longer a go in this ball park. It is now time to work your brain and eyes to death. Just don’t try and kill yourself doing so!


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