Tonight I’m Cleanin’ Out My Closet: Adventures In Wardrobe Reduction

Cookies + Sangria

I’ve reached that magical age when you start reading Real Simple (instead of Cosmo or Highlights For Children or whatever kids read these days), and stop aspiring to have the latest ‘it bag’ — but a streamlined, tidy closet.

I never thought I had a lot of clothes, yet in order to close my dresser I had to do that maneuver where you push down your clothes while simultaneously shoving the drawer shut. How did that happen? My life was NOT Real Simple. Magazines lie!

Googling ways to purge my wardrobe only made me feel worse. Everyone has “capsule wardrobes” – 33 items they wear all season long. That includes dress pants, jeans, shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes and outerwear. That’s awesome if you can work it, but this winter was so cold that I wore more than 33 pieces at any one time.

I’m proud to say that I culled…

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