A walk to Answer an Answer…


As I walked through the woods the other day, I ended up getting lost. Lost in the direction towards the car and lost in my own thoughts. As I got further to an unknown place, so did my thoughts. At times I even blanked out to what I was doing at the moment. I stopped my tracks right where I was and let my thoughts succumb my whole being like I had been searching for. At times I could hear the peaceful songs from the birds and then back to my nagging thoughts. I could think clearly with a different setting and really figure out how to deal as a normal human being. I dragged my feet deeper into the trail, tripping a couple of times being lost to unknown universe and then knocked back into reality. How can we  cope with our problems and set them free without waking the demon? Simple, you walk yourself crazy and then get lost-no pun intended. Finally when I had enough of being trapped between myself and the never ending dirt filled road, I set myself on a path of determination of getting home. It took about 42 minutes to find reality. I walked through the door and turned to my good and dear friend, Sex and the City. All I wanted that night was a distraction and I got it.

The next day, I made time to call my sister. No answer of course; work must be kicking her ass. I try and find time to keep in touch as much as possible even if I don’t get anywhere.. I find a seat at the campus library with Joe and Belvita. Wirth a new day and  events, I tend to take my mornings slow and cautious. With a deep breath and clear mind, I make my way outside for a cigarette. Can our thoughts ruin our being? An over thinker like myself gets into a lot of trouble when we tend to answer our own questions. I have learned you don’t know till you ask.

As the day wears on, I find myself on my bed, over thinking like I usually do. And I have come to a conclusion: Life goes on. The best way to beat an over thinker is to give them a question to their answer for their own question. Make me think logically and give me an answer to my own answer.


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