We Are Humans

  When life becomes way too hard and demanding we look for an easy way out. It can either be a positive route or negative. These days it isn’t that unheard of for someone to turn to alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal drugs. In fact, you will find it more unheard for someone not to turn to substances to take away life’s pressures. You heard right, I am indeed one of those people-well I used to be at least. I found it so easy to turn to a cigarette to feel light headed and free-literally. I smoked for about 5 years until I finally had enough of how much crap I was actually inhaling instead of exhaling and getting rid of. That simple cigarette would be pressed between my fingers while my mind was a million miles away and I could feel as if I was on top of the world. I wasn’t stressed or worried.

Do I miss cigarettes? Of course! For someone who was smoking for about 5 years and well off to becoming a chain smoker, I do miss the thought of taking my body through heaven and hell. Smoking was a bittersweet thing with me. To be honest, I bought my first pack within a year of not smoking and let me tell you-it was good. I was on cloud nine and I had no worries in the world-for about ten minutes at least. I walked back to work that day lightheaded and new. But later in the day I realized I only felt that way for ten minutes and then I was done for. I went back to my worries and sadness and grief.

So here is the question I ask you: When is it ok to go back to old territory and have a way for pain to be taken away? Well here are my answer friends; it’s not ok. It is never ok to take your body through so much to where it will retract against you. Sure smoking and drinking are fun and easy to get into, but in reality the next day you have some explaining to do; to yourself and to others. who can smoke all the cigarettes in the world she wants and I am here sitting in worry for having this cigarette.

We are human for a reason-to make mistakes and learn past them to move forward. A mistake and a route will simply help create this human being you are distending to be. It is your choice to make the positive route or the negative. I just hope your choices and life decisions make you happy.


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