Losing someone will always be painful

As you can tell by the title, today is not going to be much of a happy blog but maybe an inspirational tear jerker. I decided to write this because we all need that pick me up after the tears, pain, and heartache that we feel towards a loved one we have lost. Whether they were friends or family, they still mean a great deal to you and we are given the gift of remembrance so we never lose hope that one day, the memories turn into smiles and treasured moments we never want to forget.

So to answer your question, yes today was a sad day for my family, close friends, and I; I lost one of my uncles. This man was a very sweet, loving, gentle, and kind person that anyone could have ever met. Of course we say that about anybody that we know but I can promise you I am telling you the truth. My uncle-whose name shall not be known-loved people and sports, and in the south, it doesn’t get any better than that! We southerners love our sweet tea, God, and football; and he loved it all. So for him to own a restaurant was one of the best things he ever could have done. He made a lot of friends who would love to stop by the restaurant to come see him and just sit and talk for hours. He was the kind of man who could be known as a family man.  You could walk through the doors and find him at a table with people sitting with him, drinking a beer, and watching a good sports game. And along with those people, he had a smile on his face while cracking up jokes. He loved his job and loved the people around him. He was one of a kind.

As I am sitting here, trying to describe every feature about him, I am looking back for those fond memories that bring out the most of him. I can remember just going in the restaurant with family members and we kids would play all the arcade games they had as well as the computer games. I was probably his most paying customers for those computer games! He would find me at the bar and just smile at how much fun I was having-that and he got a little extra change in his pocket!

These are the memories that keep popping in my head and make me smile with tears streaming down my face. It hit me the first day when I heard the news and harder when all I could do was morn over the loss I realized I could never get back. As I sat in church today, crying, I was finding myself being hugged by my little cousin-nine years of age-because of how an emotional wreck I was, how we all were. The pain we all felt and the tears that streamed down our faces were a proven fact that no one wanted to let go.

But that’s just it!!! We don’t have to let go. We just let go of him physically. But, he is with us everywhere and watching over us; laughing, smiling, and shaking his head at the fact how crazy we are. He could be smiling down at me right now for wanting to share the many memories I can of him and family. So as I say these memories now with heartache and pain and tears, I know someday they will turn into smiles and laughter’s for the whole world to see. We just have to take one step at a time in order to get where we find happiness and contentment at. Find the memories that can make you smile for miles or the memories that can make you laugh out loud-literally! Those are what can help ease the pain and heartache and can fill your room so much brighter with the thought of that person. Never let go fully of that person just like they would never let go of you.

Bring out pictures and have a day to yourself with your lost loved one; the moments you smile most about will make it seem they are right there with you. That way they are never forgotten or pushed away just because it was time for them to come home early than expected.

Well that lifted weights off my shoulders! With that being said, to my loving uncle, you will be missed so much. You left us too soon but to God, he wanted you home. We will see you soon. Have a beer, table, and a smile waiting for us! We love you so very much.


2 thoughts on “Losing someone will always be painful

  1. A very thoughtful post. Losing a loved one is difficult and I’ve found writing about it one of the best ways to transform the pain into something beautiful. Thanks for following me and writing about the things you do.

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