Speak Life, give love.

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People make mistakes-it’s time to stop being selfish and find a way to love one another. We are all in this together. “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” MLKJ

Believe it or not we as people are all hurting in our own ways. This violence does not solve anything. Instead of fighting against one another, lets stand tall, holding hands and pick each other back up. We are the generation to make a change! A change to want what is good for everyone, not just ourselves and definitely not based upon color.

I believe in love-love for everyone.

Calling All Angels

While taking some time away, I am very happy to announce that creative writing still runs through my blood and I bought a book to help me start it out. Hope you enjoy!

In a world so cruel and destroyed beyond compare, there is still a fleeting amount of Hope managing to save the day. It is now the year 3027 in a country that used to be known as United States of America, but is now formally known as Survival. You see a long time ago when humans were introduced to this new thing called, “Technology”, life slowly seemed to slip away and all our time and senses drained by the second. History itself made a big change socially and dynamically with who we were as people. We looked at life more through a motion sound box and small device working as a computer on the go. As the years went by, there wasn’t such a thing as communication; it was all done through a keyboard and emojis. Self expression become known to be shown only in the dark between you and a lit screen showing only meaningless promises in words.

When communication flew out the window, so did self respect and learning to love thy neighbor. Unknown people who some have never met in person, were constantly being juged left and right because of how open their life was to the public. There was no such thing as love anymore; negativity and judgment were more expressed in the news. Once the world was being controled by fear and lies, the government slowly started to leave their positions and drugged themselves for entertainment they were missing.

Now here is the part where i come in and explain why the image you are about to see will be painful and hard to understand. The world has now blown itself up because of the hatred humans had taking over their lives. Innocent buildings, creatures, and other souls that walked this earth were constantly shooting each other down to the ground and are now walking with open rotted bodies and distorted minds; otherwise known as Zombies.

You can look over to your right and find the bridge that used to be known as “The Golden Gate Bridge”, but now looks like broken pieces of rocks all because someone wanted to destroy it’s meaning and purpose to this world-just like themselves. And straight ahead is what used to be the world’s oldest stock exchange building in a state called, Philadelphia. And to your right is where the vengeful army of ruthless and self hating zombies lay. The universe has sent me to help cope with these selfish demons and make them some what whole again.

As I begin to walk onto unwanted territory, I take a deep breath and remind myself of everything the way it used to be. I close my eyes and look to my right and see soft green grass blowing in the wind leading down to a familiar building. As I look farther down the field, I can see a familiar image of a little girl in a white satin dress and black laced dress shoes being the oddball and lining with a group of boys. She starts to crouch down and looks at a boy around the same age; she studies him. I can’t help but stop where i am and become mesmerized with the sight in front of me. A boy on the opposite side starts to scream words, and yells, “hut, hut, HIKE!” I watch as the little girl runs in the direction of where the ball is being held by a older boy. You can see she is putting all her strength and might into what she is seeing.

Quickly, my sight is visioned as if I were in her shoes; The path is green, and muddy and I’m breathing as hard as i can to catch this rat who is holding the ball. One of my guys tackles a kid in front of me and I immediately jump over the chaos to catch up with the ball. As i run closer to the boy, i can tell he was about to run the ball instead of throwing it to the boys who were now down with their faces in the mud. He starts to fake left, then right before i can catch up to him, but little did he know i had the ability to be quick; i grabbed him around the waste and threw him to the ground.

I was brought back to reality and looked at the sight of where I played an American obsession called, Football, and saw holes filled with ashes of where trees used to shade the beating sun. It is hard to imagine how kids after me grew up without having fun outdoors and around others in person. I paced myself and held my head up high; these people need me to break them free from the chains they are bound by. One against 7 trillion lifeless soul monsters.

They can hear me; anyone who walks along their path with a heartbeat is a signal of life and it is their duty to destroy every ounce of passion and love that thrives through their veins. I climb over the hill and become faced with an overturned car, buildings that have turned into dust, a sleepless dirty land with heartless beasts. I walk closer and have another flashback of a powerful memory. I see someone who has their back to me, leaning forward and shaking with misery. I want to walk forward and bring a hand to their shoulder, but i stop myself. The pain this person obviously has is a life shattering feeling. I step closer to see paper being fluded into the water and being carried by the current. I try to get a closer look of this poor girl, but can see she is not wanting to be found. The overpowering need to help this person brings me back to the situation in front of me and gives me the determination to help these poor souls.

I’m starting to get close to them and begin to ready my healing ability. I reach my hand out and touch the place of where the heart should be placed and their temple of the first one who walks up to me. I stop their acts of wanting to rip my body apart to get to the gold. Once I have put all my thought and energy into this soul, an image is freed from the wrinkled bruised beast and color has been restored. I can only get to so many before the rest of the army catches up to me. I start to see faces of people I have longed to see for so many years and of people who i never thought would remember me.

I feel someone trying to rip my arm as I try to help save someone; I turn and am faced with a distant memory that plagues my mind. I start to feel my adrenaline race and fear for the worst. I try to calm my breaths and remind myself this is a hallucination. I open my eyes and find that i am crouched to the ground with my hair standing tall on my arms. This huge demon lowers their head and is starting to rip my clothes apart, my skin is becoming bruised and my mind is seeing black. The rest of them start to circle in and rip a piece of my shielded body.

I look over to the group of people with faces i have helped saved and find them standing in horror of the sight they are seeing. I want to scream help, but can’t find it in me to make a noise. I try to go back to my use and help the zombies turn back, but have found that I can no longer move with the amount of weight being forced on me. The first nasty zombie that sank me down, has a scar on his left side of his face, he starts open my flesh and blood is drowning down my stomach. I look back to the group hoping to send them a plea with my eyes to help, but they are no longer in sight. I start to cry thinking this is it, i had one mission given to me and I’ve failed myself.

As i start to feel my body sinking into the cold wet mud, I can only think about everyone who i walked along my life with, and everyone who walked passed me. I can’t help but think of those who showed me the light through darkness. How they helped raised me up to become anything in this world and accepted me for my flaws. And all i can think now is, this is it, but the important thing is you tried. I can feel the zombies getting close to my heart; they are ripping my skin open and leaving me there as open as i was found long ago.

Suddenly, before i last knew it, my heart is clenched by grimy slimy hands and i can feel the pull and tension start to build in my body, I open my eyes to the scarfaced zombie and find him laughing at my pain, he starts to chant with the others and begins to hold my body down farther into the ground. The pull and tension is still going on, but i can tell they are having no luck with ripping it out. I try to look around me and find that the group of zombies are becoming smaller and smaller. I am still being forced down by Scarface forcefully and trying to break free, but no luck. I’m starting to feel anxious by the amount of flesh eating leaving the scene and wondering why they are leaving. A black cloud is starting to form around me and i can feel myself leaving the light.

Abruptly, the weight and tension i felt on my chest suddenly disappears and i begin to pick myself up off the ground. I find that Scarface is on the ground being held back by a net nailed to thr ground and the humans are standing next to him smiling. The other zombies that were forming a group are no longer to be seen, for they have become the beautiful souls they used to be. I look at all the faces that are starting to surround the area and find a light forming through the sky. I watch as these people pick up each other and begin to walk towards a bright vision of love and peace.

People start to take me by the hands and try to fix the broken pieces and put them back together. The dark cloud that dangled over my head evaporated and the light slowly climbed its way back to the sky to give us some light. I looked down and my clothes and skin were as if they were never bothered. I find myself facing the girl with her back to me watching the waterfall, no longer shaking, but rather radiating light.

A helping hand and a leaning shoulder is all these people really needed; a fallen angel named Hope who had the meaning to love.

One Balloon

By: Aubrey Glantz

As I looked out  of my Pittsburgh window, I watched as a fellow policeman directed traffic to common walkers and vicious drivers. It wasn’t uncommon to hear a cuss word fly from time to time as well as breathe in the smoke that flowed from work shops. I huffed as I sat my head on my folded arms that were dangling out the window. Every day, as I sit and look out from my bed, I dream of a peaceful place with water, with strange animals, and a sight that only one can see once through their entire lifetime.

“Benjamin! Don’t you know that is dangerous to sit out a window like that? Common, I’ve brought you your favorite today; Steak ham, mac and cheese, with a side of broccoli and maybe two cookies!”  I yelped and flew ten feet in the air as the shrilling voice frightened me. I turned to see my favorite nurse, Ms. Gwen, carrying a tray filled with food. She is very short women with brunette colored hair that hid under her white nurse cap, with big blue eyes, and a huge heart of love. She just graduated nursing school at the age of twenty-two and decided to work with children.

Ms. Gwen is just like me, only not really. She limps when she walks from her own disease she couldn’t have been saved from; Polio. It never bothers her that she has it, only she embraces it. She reminds me a lot of my mom. I smiled at her and sat back in bed. She set up the tray in front of me while I grabbed my fork and dug in happily. When Ms. Gwen turned to leave and help deliver lunch to the rest of the kids down the hall, I turned my radio on I had near my bed and caught up on the comedian acts of Abbott and Costello. Being able to drown out the world with the fast moving cars and smoky atmosphere was a possibility I appreciated most.

            As my mind drifts and wonders with the comedic acts and laughter from the audience, I can’t help but think about the book The Twenty-one Balloons. It was a story of a man who had decided to explore the world in twenty-one balloons and create his own story of adventures. For my birthday, Ms. Gwen gave it to me because she said I reminded her of the protagonist, but for some reason I never decided to read it. I picked it up and looked at the cover and reread the back. I shrugged as I took in the information again and decided why not? Within ten minutes I was hooked and couldn’t put the book down. The book had only 181 pages and wasn’t thick at all. I figured if I could finish it before my parents come to visit me tomorrow, I can tell them something new and exciting for once.

            Before I knew it, dinner was being served, but that didn’t stop me from putting the book down. Ms. Gwen walked right in and took in the sight of me finally reading the book she had been pestering me about. She didn’t say anything but gave me a sly smile and a knowing look I knew all too well. I have her sheepish smile and looked away from her eyes and gazed down at the food on my tray, which was now in front of me. Ms. Gwen ruffled my hair and said, “I expect to hear something new tomorrow from you mister.” I nodded and finished the book from where I left off.

            When I woke up, it was dark with a hint of light; only shadows I could make out were the recliner, dresser, and radio from the moon. My window was still open blowing a light morning breeze into my room. My book has placed on my nightstand with a bookmark to tell me where I left off. I smiled to myself and thanked God for Ms. Gwen. I grabbed the book , turned my light on the lowest setting it would give me, and drifted off back into another world. I finished not long after that and was bouncing where I sat as Ms. Gwen opened the door. She had a smile on her face and sat in the recliner at the end of my bed. I began to tell her everything I took in. She laughed at how excited I was, but for some reason it never reached her eyes. I didn’t pester her about it knowing it could have been about her boyfriend who was in the air force. Instead I got up out of bed and gave her a hug; she cried but never said a word about what was bothering her.

            Later that day, my parents showed up with murky expressions; my mother had red watery eyes while my father looked everywhere but at me. I jumped out of bed and gave my mother a hug. “Mom, You won’t believe what I just read! Ms. Gwen gave me a book to read and I just finished it! It was the best story I have read since the stack of books you lent me from the library….” I went on and on about the book before the doctor showed up in my room shortly. He cleared his throat to announce his presence and looked at me with a sorrow expression. “Benjamin, even though today is visiting day from your parents, we have decided to go ahead and discuss your treatments and exams with you today instead of next week. Now before you become a bottle of nerves, we need you to understand we have tried everything we can do as a hospital and crew to help.”

Doctor Lowe tuned his head sideways and I could see the rim of his eyes become watery. I looked at my parents who both were looking down at the floor, holding my hands with their shaky ones. “Benjamin, son, you don’t have much time. The treatments were going through at a time, but now, your body just refuses to take them. I’m so sorry. I will leave you in here to catch up.” He turned shortly from where he stood and closed the door behind him quietly. I couldn’t see anything; everything I saw I couldn’t put a shape or a color together.

********************************** Ms. Gwen*******************************

            The breeze blew lightly around my face, wiping my bangs around, as the tears stung my eyes and ran down my cheeks. Benjamin died two months later after that fateful meeting with Dr. Lowe. I came to see him every day and spent the hours I could with him when his parents weren’t around. He was a strong and brave little boy who took my heart and soul as he left us. I wrote to my boyfriend-who is in the air force-about Benjamin and his story. He too found it heartbreaking and wished he could have met him.

            We were all gathered on a hill for Benjamin’s funeral; but with a twist. As we said our goodbyes to the boy in the casket, and listened to the sermon give a speech about the young boy and his tragic death, I could only hope Benjamin finds his peaceful place now. We lifted the now closed casket into the sky with the help of a crane, into the basket where he will stay in an air balloon-just like the one in the story. I watched as they set the balloon free into the sky. I looked up and watched him float higher as each second passed. I put my hand on my lips and let the silent tears escape from my tired eyes. As the balloon began to disappear over the hill, I said my prayers for that one faithful balloon to never land and peace.

The Mysterious Letter

By: Aubrey Glantz
Walking along the slick, wet sidewalk, Jamie held an umbrella shielding the wet splashes from the sky, as well as to hide his own rain drops. The weather was masking his misery, and was for once grateful for the dreary weather. As he reached his Cincinnati apartment, he couldn’t help but feel the weight of everything he was trying to hold in for so long slip. Fingers started to shake violently while his breathing turned into to gulping for air. He had to grip the door handle to his own door for support as his own support was starting to give away at any second.
“Jamie? Is that you?” Without thinking about it, he looked to see his neighbor, Marcy Mae. Ever since she moved in a couple of years ago, it was a nonstop game of trying to not lose control of everything he had. Poor Marcy never knew this type of effect she had on him and continued to still be the sweet and beautiful neighbor he’d so often fantasize about. As he turned to face her questioning eyes, he slipped down to the ground and fell to his own doom. Marcy raced from her spot at the end of the staircase to go and catch him.
“You know it’s not every day that I have men falling for me at the top of the hat,” Marcy chuckled. Jamie couldn’t seem to comprehend what was going on. His green door started to swirl as well Marcy’s face, yet he tried with all his might not fall into the deep slumber his body so desperately ached for. With the help of Marcy pulling him into a standing position and the black iron stair railing, he was able to slightly stand on his own. He looked behind him briefly and muttered a thank you. With that, he flew inside to his apartment and closed the door with a firm hand.
His breath started to become short deep huffs, desperately trying to hold on to the last thing he could. As he sunk to the floor in front of his door, he reached into his rain coat pocket and clutched an envelope with his name on it, but no return address. As he tried to place his surroundings in the dark, he crawled on his belly like a solider to his cluttered sofa. For the longest time, he was trying to avoid this place as much as he could. He found his matches in his wooden coffee table and lit the fire place. Hands shaking violently and gulps of breath, he looked at the letter before ripping it apart and sent it into the flames to be ridden for everything he knew and had.
For almost a year, he decided to leave his Cincinnati home and friends behind ever since the letter had been mailed to his law firm office. For a man who worked with the law, it was not uncommon for these kinds of letters to be delivered, but Jamie knew exactly who it was. The handwriting was too much of a memory he could never forget as well as the burning images that haunted him in the dark. As any man who wanted to keep his secrets hidden, he quietly shut his door to his office, crept as if he was a burglar and tried to make no sudden movement.
The letter was still griped in his hand by his side, and tears started to fall from his cheeks. As he walked his wobbly legs to his computer chair, he faced his window and looked upon the city he worked on. He looked at the travelers walking on the sidewalk and envied them for not having a care in the world. He tore at the edges and lifted the letter out of its contraption. He opened the worn piece of paper and watched as a picture flew into his lap. Carefully, he picked it up and looked as to what it could possibly be.
It was a picture of his deceased wife with their five month old child in her arms, lying asleep. Jamie was on the left hugging his wife’s shoulders and looking upon the child. The photo was taken at his parents’ house days before the incident happened. Memories flooded his head at the sight of the picture. She had been dead for 2 years and their child was nowhere to be found. For those two years, he would cry himself to sleep wondering why and who could have taken away the two things that kept him to this world. As he read the letter, his former friend from high school wrote the letter admitting to him that it was him who had decided to take his precious gifts away as a way to get back at him for taking his ex-girlfriend at the time. After that, Jamie quickly took matters into his own hands and put the monster away for good.
As the memories faded and he was brought back to present day, he crashed to his knees in front of the fire and cried till his stomach hurt and his eyes were too weak to open. Next thing he knew, there was a knock at the door. He was hoping for once it wouldn’t have been Marcy Mae. He could never forgive himself if she had to learn of his awful past as well as see him the mess he was in. The reason he decided to flee when he did was to search for his long lost son. He came back empty handed and discovered everything was gone.
He picked his stiff and achy body off the ground and walked ever so slowly to the door. He looked through the eye piece and discovered there was no one on the front stoop. He decided to leave his place and go upstairs for a shower. As he reached the bottom of the steps, a cry sent his heart racing and his eyes widened. He flew to the door and opened it as fast as he could and discovered a blonde headed toddler with blue eyes in a basket.

Be Greatful; Keep Trucking Along

greatful dead bear

As time goes on, the clock never seems to stand still in a single momentum. We all have to be everywhere and all around at one time these days. Yet, we never take the time to appreciate what we have and what we don’t have in that single minute of everyday.

Everyday, you hear someone is loosing a life, or the people you walk by with a can held out for extra help are pleading with you to spare at least an ounce of your money and time to help save them from destruction, or your best and close friends and co workers all seem to be bending out of shape these days and need an extra hand. If we were more observant to those around us, we might actually give a fuck about fixing this world and who all live here! Instead of trying to kill people off, why cant we give our neighbors or strangers a time of day and spare at least a single minute to give some kind of help.

You’re not only helping them out, but you can at least help yourself. Your community needs help with helping making it grow into the best it can be. Take time out of your day and clean up when you see someone make a mistake, or help the same old man or woman you see on the corner of the street everyday and ask them what they need to survive the weather. Start doing something with your life and volunteer your time to help out this world and the people you surround your time with. Make a difference to yourself and others that you give a crap about life and what you are doing. Stop turning your back on things and people that matter because one day, you are going to wish you did. We all need a wake up call about how we spend our time and single minutes. Be helpful to those around you and show yourself and others you do care what happens in the future. This world is becoming over populated, so greet them with warming arms because there could be a reason why we meet that special person. Maybe not yourself, but for their sake.


And yes, I am a hippie.


The Blindside

Girls, we all have those very concerned friends of ours who love to set us up on dates. No matter if the date turns out to be good or bad, you will always get blindsided with the blind dates. Now, I am no expert on dating, but when your very concern friend doesn’t tell you till the day of the date, that’s when you start to get paranoid.

At work on break, I talked with Becky about going over to her place for dinner. She told me last week that she was having a friend of hers stay for the week to visit so I thought nothing of the offer; I immediately said yes. Before leaving to head over to apartment, she hints that her friend is a guy….dun dun dunnnnn! When she told me a guy was over there, I could see her thoughts brewing as we spoke. The whole ride over, I’m anxiously passing in my head, thinking about what all I am going to do. When we arrive, I forget about the boy and see her handsome pup, Wrigley. Guys, just so you know, I am a huge dog lover and once I see a dog, I’m a goner. And Becky’s dogs are just gorgeous! She has a lab mix, who is Wrigley, and a Great Dane puppy named, Athena. And I go nuts whenever I see these dogs.

Once I stepped onto the right floor of her apartment building, I see her Boyfriend, Doug, and then a guy who looks almost like Doug, but not quite. And no, they are not brothers! The first few hours were a little awkward considering we still didn’t know that we were being matched by our best friends. It got to the point where there were embarrassing stories from college that came along and good few laughs to ease the tension. Doug slaved over dinner for us while watched back to back episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and cuddled with the dogs.

Once dinner came around, we were settled and ready to eat and have a lot more laughs with memories. I helped clean up the place and then began to cut Becky’s hair since the hairstylist who did try and cut it, cut it wrong. During the time, everyone is cutting up and carrying on with stories, I missed out on a lot while cutting her hair, but was filled in once I was home. Becky texted me that night after I left saying, “He finds you attractive.” My first thought was, “What the hell! You must be drunk,” which is what I  wrote to her. In the end, ladies, I got the guy! Unfortunately, I will not spare his name….at least not until our first date, but this will not be the last time you hear about him.

Coming back home in America

It was nice while it lasted to go and see a different country. The UK is a place that sends me calming waves. The architecture and the people themselves were helpful and inspiring. I hate to say it, but I think I have found my new home. The plane ride over of course was not one of the best part of the trip. Having your flight be delayed over six hours in Charlotte and then two hours in Newark was not what I would have expected. Sleeping on the flight over was another issue. In order to get some sleep my feet hung off the back of someone’s arm rest, while my pillow was on the side of the plane and my shoulder, and my blanket covered me from head to toe. I might have only slept for two hours that whole eight hour ride. The others, I tried to doze off…if that were possible.

When we landed in Edinburgh, I was so happy to touch the ground and see grass in a distance. While waiting for luggage, I decided to find a seat and wait for our ride, which ended up taking two hours. I ended up laying down-since there were no cell phone signals over in the UK-and passed out before our driver showed up to come pick us up.

Scotland itself was a sight to see. The people were magnificent, the food was excellent, and salty air made me truly feel like I was at home. The beer tasted like it was freshly brewed. A drink I would like to call, Snakebite, was my favorite choice of all. And of course I had to have some Guinness! I did get a little tipsy while I was having some fun a couple of nights. But in all, my favorite place would have to be Scotland.

We ended up going from Scotland to England, and then to Wales, and then to Ireland. I think by the end of my trip, I was ready to  go home! Once I made it back in the States, I of course turned my phone on and praised to the ceiling to have signal once again. I called my family and friends and could not wait to hear their voices. That night, I barely got an ounce of sleep thanks to being excited…as well as the coffee in take I had that day.